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The Avoca Strings Program welcomes all first through fifth grade students. First graders may choose between the violin, viola, or cello (the bass is offered beginning in the second grade). Students progress through the Suzuki program until they are ready to join the Orchestra. They will thrive in a warm and encouraging environment - making music with their friends. We nurture young musicians to grow to their greatest potential!


The Suzuki program begins in the first grade, but students may join in any grade. Each student receives:

  • An individual lesson of 2-3 students for 30min (pull-out from designated class), once per week 

  • A group lesson of up to 8 students for 25 min during recess. (Group lessons start a few weeks after individual lessons have begun)


Students “graduate” from the Suzuki program when they are able to read music, identifying time signatures and accidentals in many key signatures. Orchestra students must have a secure technical ability and are:

  • Students in grades four or five who have been in the Suzuki program for at least one full year

  • Advanced students in grade three who have participated in the Suzuki program for a few years and have more advanced reading skills

There are currently two orchestras that are ability based. The Chamber and Concert Orchestra rehearsals are Wednesday mornings before school at 7:25AM. All Orchestra students also receive one sectional during the week.

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