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Welcome to the Suzuki Program!

We are so thrilled to have your student in our program! This page has been created to help beginners and parents throughout the year. Your students will want to open and practice their instruments at home and this is what we want as well. Parents can help facilitate practicing and our instructional videos should aid in this process. Students will have assignments written in their books each week so you will know what they are to do on that particular week. For your child’s success, please help your child find a daily practice time.

We have created a Parent Beginning Student Packet to help all of our new families learn more about our program and help their students practice at home.

Suzuki Concert Reminders

Concert dress for the day performance:

New blue music t-shirts and pants


Concert dress for the evening performance

Black Dress Shirt/Black Dress

Black or solid dark slacks or skirt

Black Dress shoes


Please start reviewing old songs and remember you play only those you have passed and can still play by memory.

For your child’s success, please help your child find a daily practice time.

Video Demonstrations
Parts of the Viola** 
Bow Hold Step #1: On Marker
Bow Hold Step #2: On Bow
Ant Song (Pizz.)
Monkey Song
Hot Cross Buns (Pizz.)
Hot Cross Buns (Bow)*

Cold Cross Buns (Bow)*

Twinkle Variation A*

Twinkle Variation B*

Twinkle Variation C*

Twinkle Variation D*

Twinkle Variation E*

Twinkle Theme*

Boil Them Cabbages*

French Folk Song

Lightly Row

Song of the Wind

Scotland's Burning*

*Required Piece for All 1st Graders

** Strings for viola are A,D,G & C

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